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Behind the scenes of a Mission 3 Media video production shoot.

Introducing Triton Metal Products, located about 45 minutes north of Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Joe Noorthoek coaching Triton Metal Products CEO before filming begins.


Better welding, better branding. Triton is not your average metal fabricator, so we knew that this project needed to be more than your average video.


Confidence and poise comes with experience. This story began as a producer of small and large pitman arms. Always innovating, Triton Metal Products expanded to include laser cutting, CNC machining, and many other metal fabrication services. Still family owned, Triton is now steered by the children of the original founders. With all that history behind this company, the Mission 3 Media team took to heart the task of capturing and filming their corporate branding videos.


Brand driven video production. When the right tools and the right team come together the results will follow.


Red Epic Video Camera. Not much more needs to be said here.


Filming the Interview for the customer testimonial meant traveling up to Lansing Michigan to film on the premises of Triton’s customer, (we love to travel by the way, especially when our work takes us to another continent).  Never complicated, always comfortable. We work to make our video interviews as easy as relaxing possible.


Joe Noorthoek, is conducting the interviews and crafting the Triton story. Many hours of planning and strategizing goes into every project, but it’s easy when you love what you do.


Mission 3’s dedicated video production team. Experience and skill, but still, they make it look easy.


Shameless plug. We hope you notice the small splashes of color on these mostly black and white photos…Or maybe we’re just a little too nerdy when it comes to details like this.


Creating a corporate film with a cinematic feel takes patience and an eye for the right shot.


We plan on releasing the actual video soon but this scene was done with a really cool slider push in. Thanks for following along, let us know if we can help you with your video communication needs, click here to get in touch.



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  • Peter Kujak says:

    Great images. (did notice the color splashes)
    Love the sneak peek look.
    Love the marriage of showing what you can do with reverence for your customer and your ultimate goal – communicating their message. Would love to see more!

    • Joe Noorthoek says:

      Thanks Peter, glad you noticed the details. We’ll release the video itself soon, along with some more behind the scenes segments in the near future.


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