April 2015

Building Brand Loyalty

Promises derived from the interest of the customer and values of the organization. Combined with a commitment to keeping those promises. Delivered consistently over time by everyone within the organization. Equals trust and eventually long lasting loyalty from our customers.


Brand Loyalty and Promises Made

The art of connecting your brand with an engaged audience that cares, comes down to the promises made and delivered by your brand every single time.

As a video production house, we know first hand how critical it is to create messages that resonate and build brand loyalty. As I mentioned in my last post, Building Brand Trust, the formula for creating brand loyalty doesn’t begin with a story but with the master brand itself. It begins with the promises and unique values proposed by the brand.

The Importance of the Brand Promise

A master brand is not a logo, image or a company tagline. It is a claim of distinction backed by proof. It is the foundational values and excitement generated over those values, which the leadership within that organization proposes to it’s audience, it’s stakeholders or employees, the customers who purchase the final product…everyone it touches.

These value propositions reflect the promises made by leadership as they move their organization towards becoming brand empowered. However, making those promises and developing the master brand is only the first step. Helping employees to believe, embody and behave out of those promises is essential to building sustainable brand loyalty and ensure long-term profitability. It is vital that these promises become the culture within the organization.

Brand Promise Example

Video ProductionWhat does it look like to behave as an organization according to promises of the master brand? An example that is close to home happens here at Mission 3 Media. One of our brand promises is to be “creatively on-brand.” No matter what type of video we’re making, and regardless of the channel we are creating video for, it’s very easy to get pulled off-brand and head in the wrong direction. Whether we are doing broadcast advertising or video for the web, “creatively on-brand” means guiding our clients toward creating messages that flow through the lens of the master brand. We strive to uncover the promise that our clients want to make and how they want their audience to feel about their brand. We couple that with understanding the values of our clients’ ideal customer and then are able to help them craft creative video messages that connect with the targeted audience to build brand loyalty.

Our promise to be “creatively on-brand” is a guide through which we culturally function. Everything we produce is measured against that promise. Along with guiding us towards the finished product, this promise brings clarity of focus to us at Mission 3 Media helping us to improve and grow. We now know we need to be focusing on two main areas: skill of brand communication and creative video production techniques. Having this knowledge, we can drive our energy and resources towards delivering on that promise.

Building Brand Loyalty

Trust comes by delivering on the promises made, every single time. Employees who embody the brand promise create opportunities to build brand loyalty with their delighted clients. Over time this will strengthen their organizations competitive distinction and leadership in the marketplace.

What promise is your organization making to build a culture that encourages brand loyalty?

Joseph Noorthoek
CEO, Mission 3 Media

How to Build Brand Loyalty

Many video production agencies do their clients a great disservice by beginning from the position that simply telling a great story is all that’s needed to grow a successful brand. While stories are vital to communicating the essence of a great brand they aren’t where the process should begin.

Tactical vs. Strategic

There are many different tactical marketing methods that we all use in our organizations. I believe that every tactical campaign, video or otherwise, should flow from the clarity of the master brand and with the purpose of building brand loyalty, internally to your employees and externally with your clients. To clarify, developing the master brand is strategic not tactical, and, only once the components of the master brand are discovered and crystallized should we begin to engage in the tactical communication of the brand. Once the elements of the master brand are locked securely into place building brand loyalty and trust becomes a matter of working to consistently deliver upon those promises every day and every time.

Brand Loyalty Formula

If the strategic elements of the master brand are in place the tactical formula for building brand loyalty should look something like this.



Start with Strategy

Regardless of channel you prefer for building brand trust it should always flow from the strategic values of the master brand. This is why Mission 3 Media is so emphatic about beginning our work with the brand instead of the story, we do want to tell stories but we want those stories to be authentic. This only comes if the leadership of the organization understands their master brand and why they exist. Always begin with strategy.

Please feel free to comment on the post. Next we’ll look deeper at the elements of the brand loyalty formula.

Joseph Noorthoek
CEO, Mission 3 Media