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When others hear about your business and think about your brand, you want them to know exactly what you stand for. This is especially true when they see your work. It’s important to ask the question, what distinguishes you from everybody else? It’s even more important to answer that question. This goes for every facet of your brand. From employees and the company culture, to your product or service and how you deliver on promises made, down to the feeling that your clients or customers get when they think about your organization.

If I stumbled upon a video about your business I want to know what you’re promising me. I’m intuitively answering questions like; how does your brand make me feel? Why should I buy from you over someone else? If you can’t answer those questions before you engage with your audience then your audience may be left feeling empty and confused about your brand.

Let me say it this way. If everything in your industry is black and white, brand distinction injects color. It’s what separates you from the pack and makes your brand more enticing to prospective clients. It compels them to pay attention. At Mission3 Media, we believe in uncovering your distinctions. When it comes to communicating those distinctions with video, we believe it’s our job to help inject that color.

Joseph J. Noorthoek III


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