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In today’s competitive marketplace we need a different breed of video production specialists.

Here’s why…

As the CEO or leader of your organization, only one word effectively describes the foundational building blocks necessary for a healthy, sustainable business. That word is ‘brand’.

Everything begins with the brand. This goes for the culture within an organization, hiring, marketing or even acquisitions. Nothing is exempt. Not one aspect of the organization should be separated from the guiding principles of the master brand.

Building the brand belongs to the marketing department, right? No! Marketing communicates the brand, but does not create it.

Brand word on vintage car license plates, concept signA master brand is the soul of the business or organization. It is the heart and mind combined. It is the reason why and the driving purpose. It is the evidence of distinction and the proof to support it. It is the filter for every decision made. A brand is the guiding principles discovered by the company’s top leadership. A master brand is not created, it is uncovered. It is first heard, then believed, and finally, embodied from within the organization. Then clients, customers and fans adopt and are personally impacted by the values of the brand. Simply stated, the brand if properly developed and effectively operationalized, is the DNA that breathes life and vitality into everything it touches. Including marketing and video.

Compelling video marketing doesn’t begin with a good story. A good story that communicates a compelling, competitive distinction begins with the brand.

Joseph Noorthoek


Mission 3 Media


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