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How to Build Brand Loyalty

Many video production agencies do their clients a great disservice by beginning from the position that simply telling a great story is all that’s needed to grow a successful brand. While stories are vital to communicating the essence of a great brand they aren’t where the process should begin.

Tactical vs. Strategic

There are many different tactical marketing methods that we all use in our organizations. I believe that every tactical campaign, video or otherwise, should flow from the clarity of the master brand and with the purpose of building brand loyalty, internally to your employees and externally with your clients. To clarify, developing the master brand is strategic not tactical, and, only once the components of the master brand are discovered and crystallized should we begin to engage in the tactical communication of the brand. Once the elements of the master brand are locked securely into place building brand loyalty and trust becomes a matter of working to consistently deliver upon those promises every day and every time.

Brand Loyalty Formula

If the strategic elements of the master brand are in place the tactical formula for building brand loyalty should look something like this.



Start with Strategy

Regardless of channel you prefer for building brand trust it should always flow from the strategic values of the master brand. This is why Mission 3 Media is so emphatic about beginning our work with the brand instead of the story, we do want to tell stories but we want those stories to be authentic. This only comes if the leadership of the organization understands their master brand and why they exist. Always begin with strategy.

Please feel free to comment on the post. Next we’ll look deeper at the elements of the brand loyalty formula.

Joseph Noorthoek
CEO, Mission 3 Media

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