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How do we do video that really connects with our audience?

I believe the question of connection is more easily solved if we’re able to pinpoint exactly who benefits most from our work. Knowing “who” gives you more opportunities to make real, lasting connections. Who is it that loves what you do? Who is it that benefits the most from your product or service?

It’s really a simple concept but I find that many times the step is missed, and that is, make a detailed customer profile of the types of clients that benefit the most from your business. The more detailed this is, the more you understand about your target audience, the clearer you’ll be able to be when it come to your messaging towards your audience. When you have that clear, targeted message you always increase your ability to build that connection.

Are they men or women?
What are their goals?
What are their challenges?
Where do they go after work?
What are their hopes and dreams?

Dive deep, and do the leg work to understand who your wanting to work with and be intentional about making that connection with your ideal audience.


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