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Video Branding – Build Connection and Drive Sales

When your prospects, clients, customers or donors engage with your brand through your company videos, what will be their response to the following questions?

  1. What does this business stand for?
  2. What distinguishes this brand from the competition?
  3. What promises are they making, will they deliver on that promise and does their promise solve my problem or meet my current need?
  4. What are the overall feelings I have about this brand?

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this. I want every part of my life to participate and contribute in a positive way to the world around me. This applies to the people I spend my time with down to the business or causes I choose to support. Because of this I find myself looking for opportunities to support brands that embody or closely represent the values that I care about.

This became glaringly apparent recently when I purchased a product from a company after watching one of their YouTube videos. This video was loaded with ideals that resonated with my personal values. Now, every time I use this particular product it’s like I’m participating with a group of people around the world who believe the same things I do. Why? Because we all bought from a company that believes, at least to some extent, some of the same things we believe.

Two points about this company video in light of my choosing to purchase their product.

  1. This video was brilliantly brand-driven and strategically positioned from a clear understanding of the values held by their perfect client. I knew what they stood for, they knew what was important to me.
  2. The video wasn’t passive or politically correct in any form whatsoever. On the contrary, it had a bold, in your face message that, more than likely, turned off at least some of their viewers. That’s actually one reason I loved the video and what made it resonate with my personality and my values.

I came across a speech given by the Founder & Managing Director of Innovation Protocol, Sasha Strauss. I wrote down this quote from Sasha;

“What do you want me to know about you, your business, your story, your country, your faith? Don’t assume that people are gonna understand. Decide what you want them to remember and hand it to them, shove it in their face.” – Sasha Strauss

It’s not practical to wait for prospective clients to figure out what you stand for. Show them! Create videos loaded with values, beliefs, distinctions, and promises that drive your brand and your messages deep into the heart of your ideal client.

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  • juliadiets.com says:

    Don’t confuse the two. If what you need to do is drive sales, make sure your video strategy has that goal clearly defined. Otherwise, you could end up spending hard-earned cash on awareness videos without ringing the register.

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